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お陰様で多くのお客様からは「後ろから見ても可愛い」とフィードバックをいただいております。✨ does not use gold plating. 

We use gold-filled (14KGF) so that our customers can use our products for a long time. 

(We will inform you if in case we need to use gold plating.)

As a trademark of, two stones are attached to the end of necklaces and bracelets. 

When I was a child, I really didn’t like the metal balls that where hanging at the end of the necklaces...

I wanted to make it cuter so people can enjoy more.

Thanks to this, many of our customers have given us feedback that it looks very nice also from the back .✨

ご興味のあるものがありましたら、お気軽に info@myj.designに ご連絡を下さい。

お受け取り方法はLörickerstr.7 40547 Düsseldorfでのお受け取り、もしくは郵送よりご選択頂けます。


If you are interested in certain pieces, please send a message to

You can either pick up the piece at Lörickerstr. 7 40547 Düsseldorf, or I can send it to you.

Shipping costs (with tracking) : Germany 5€ / EU 6.6€ / non-EU 6.15€

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